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Good Housekeeping Magazine Tried and Tested said - "The Meaco 25L Platinum is fantastic at extracting moisture from indoor environments and gained full marks for this. It's nice and easy to program and has some helpful design features that made it stand out Here's a great air purifier to clean the air in your home or office. Also available in black. It's a winner with our customers too! Watch this impressive air purifier demo! Check out how quickly it cleans the air!

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Approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Still chance to come and see us at the National Ploughing Championships on this special extended day.

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Talk to our expert, Tim Baudains, pictured here on the stand with client. And don't forget to like our page please. Check out this latest product release from Meaco! The MeacoHeat is an innovative range of ceramic room heaters with motion sensors and knock over safety features. Ideal for playrooms, apartments, offices, waiting rooms, garages, etc Take a look here! See and buy the range here! And that's not all. As well as triggering allergies and other chronic conditions such as skin irritations, asthma and breathing difficulties, bacteria can cause damp stains, dark spots and other potentially irreversible damage to your home.

The best way to combat such risks is with a dehumidifier. As well as protecting your health and reducing any allergy symptoms, a dehumidifier will keep your walls, furniture and clothing looking and smelling as fresh as can be. Read on to discover the answers to some common dehumidifier questions and find out what you need to look for when buying one. Lower down, you'll find our pick of the best dehumidifiers to buy.

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Even though all dehumidifiers do the same job — removing excess moisture from the air — there are two different types. The first, and generally the larger of the two, is a refrigerant or compressor dehumidifier, which works much in the same way as your kitchen fridge. These models draw in air, which cools and condenses when it hits a metal plate inside. Desiccant dehumidifiers, on the other hand, absorb water directly from the air using a desiccant material.

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While refrigerant dehumidifiers work best in warmer environments, desiccant models may be a better option for cooler rooms such as an attic or the garage. Dehumidifiers help reduce the humidity levels in the air by pulling in the moist air from a room and then removing the moisture from the air before recirculating it back into the room. In effect, through this process, a dehumidifier will lower the humidity level in your home and make it healthier to live in.

Dehumidifiers come in various different capacities measured by the tank capacity and how much moisture they can remove in a hour period , so the size you need will depend on the amount of moisture in your home. A capacity of around five to ten litres should be plenty for a small room in the average UK home.

If, however, you want to buy a dehumidifier for a larger room that you use frequently — or one that you spend a lot of time in — you might find you need a larger capacity of around ten to 20 litres. If you only have a small amount of damp in one area, such as a wardrobe or door, a mini-dehumidifier should do the job. Finding a quiet dehumidifier used to be challenging, but there are now plenty of near-silent options available. Series Name. Find my store for pricing and availability. Write a review. Related Searches Soleusair Dehumidifiers. Soleus air Dehumidifiers.

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