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It will likely pull down and be normal once again. Please refer to the instructions for tightening in the top post in this column. Hope this clarifies.

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Loren C. Stieg — Tech Support. Tattler Lid Facebook Page posting. To test for a seal with Tattler lids, you will not hear a metallic ping when they are sealed as you might with metal lids note that a ping is not a guaranteed indication with metal lids, either , nor will you see the lid bulge downwards into the jar. There are no visual or audio indications.

Instead you do a simple, do-or-die test that you should actually be doing with metal lids as well. Then, attempt to lift the jar by the edges of the lid a small amount off the counter — slowly and carefully and ever so slightly at first, with your other hand in the air just slightly under the jar to catch it in case of mishap. If you can raise the jar in the air by the edges of the lid, you have a guaranteed seal; and can rest easy. If a lid is not sealed it easily slides or lifts off the jar with no resistance.

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With the Tattlers being two piece, that is far more unlikely to occur. A good strong vacuum seal needs to be present to hold both parts of the lid in place. Back to index. With that in mind, here is a list of trouble-shooting tips to ponder :. With a Tattler lid, you can console yourself with at least one thing: even if a metal lid failed to give you a seal, it still counts as used and you have to toss it out.

With a Tattler, you can use it again! Sometimes people put the canning rings on too loosely with Tattlers, allowing too much loss of liquid. Othertimes, it occurs with pressure canning and has to do with how you controlled the pressure. Tattler Lids said on their Facebook page,. The canner water temp and the temp inside the jar need to rise as close together as possible to avoid siphoning. Just setting the burner on high will rapidly increase the temp inside the canner but the jars will reach that temp a bit slower which can be a negative factor.

The same goes for decreasing the temp at the end of the cycle. Instead of simply turning the burner off bring it down a bit slowly to let the jar temp decrease along with the canner stabilizing the jar temp instead of a rapid differential…. We have found that following the Pressure canner manufactures recommendation of letting a steady stream of steam escape for a full 10 minutes before placing pressure regulator on, may also help prevent liquid loss.

People who stick paper or tape labels onto the sides of their jars may never ask themselves how to label a jar with a Tattler lid on it.

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Some people write on Tattler lids using Sharpie pens such as the Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry Marker , and to remove the writing, they use a cotton ball moistened with nail polish remover aka acetone or a Mr. Afterwards wash the lids as you usually would and they are ready for another re-use. The round end of an old-fashioned can opener works well in getting Tattler lids off firmly but gently. The special openers though can be trickier to use as the bottom lip on them can have difficulty finding a purchase between the rim of the jar and the Tattler lid.

Tattler makes 2 different models of jar openers: one has a thin metal lip on it, which some may find easier to work with. When you give someone a jar of your home preserves with a metal lid, the thought of both ending up in recycling can be annoying. When the jar also involves a Tattler lid, the annoyance factor can increase just that much more. Others suggest that you can gift Tattler-lidded jars to close friends and families if you put the fear of God into them about making sure that jar, white lid and red ring all find their way back some recipients occasionally guess — wrongly — that the red ring is disposable.

Sharon Peterson of Simplycanning. I feel the ring and can usually feel a slight indentation on the side I used the last time canning. In an interview with Sharon Peterson of Simplycanning. November Facebook messenger service. However, we note that if you examine the red rubber ring gaskets brand new out of the box, there is no smooth side. Tattler Reusable Canning Lid Review. April At Some food products such as tomatoes and preserves with turmeric, curry powder, etc, in them may slightly colour the undersides of the white lids.

Note that Tattler lids are immune from pinholing. Consequently, if you have Tattlers, they could be a good choice for food items such as rhubarb and salmon, which are prone to pinholing. There are just two factors that come into play in determining if a jar is compatible with Tattler lids:. Regular-mouth 70 mm Tattler lids will fit Kilner Preserve Jars: those are the type of Kilner jar which takes the metal screw top bands. Wide-mouth 86 mm Tattler lids will fit Leifheit preserving jars of the following sizes:.

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Note: not the small. Quattro Staggioni jars are made similar to Mason jars, but with one-piece, single-use screw-on metal lids. These lids can apparently be replaced with regular and wide-mouth metal lids and ring bands. The 1 liter jars and the 0.

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The bottles and 0. The commenter also reminds readers that appropriate sizes of screw-on ring bands, regular or wide mouth, would need to be ordered from somewhere as well. The screw bands are of course re-usable many times. The USDA never officially endorses any particular product. They make recommendations for, and occasionally, against. As of early spring , Tattler lids are neither officially recommended for, or against.

What you will see in the USDA guide is this is the best choice. We are actually here at this center just starting a student study to kinda look and get more experience with the plastic reusable lids in the marketplace. There is no warning against them. The National Center for Home Food Preservation recently received a grant to study the performance of these lids with results available in or University of Minnesota Extension. June Page 2. I wanted to let you know we are about to get more experience with using Tattler lids. I have a graduate student who will be starting a project to use them in canning some boiling water and pressure canned jars of food to look at sealing success rates, vacuums and maintenance of vacuum during storage periods.

We will incubate some of the jars to see if there are any differences in food quality such as discoloration at the tops of jars, also. The comparison will be to the traditional two-piece metal lid system as well as some products packed in Weck jars also. Cited in Facebook post of 31 December Accessed May Later this year, Barb hopes to be able to share information based on research-testing of the Tattler lids.

Is it safe to use re-usable canning lids? In: Working for Wisconsin Families. Page 1. Tattler lids were invented in by Loren Stieg, a tool and die maker in Michigan, and first brought to market in Loren had a tester in his mother, Dorothy, who was a life-long enthusiastic and prolific home canner. Like the metal ones. He plans to include the gaskets in a pack of lids then charge 20 or 25 cents per dozen for extra ones.

His wife, Petty, who is also his secretary in the tool and die business, has used one of the lids five times without a problem. In another test, they boiled lids and immediately dropped them in ice water with no harm….. It will not stain or deteriorate. Unlike many plastics which are derivatives of oil, the inventor says his material is made from a waste byproduct of natural gas. His aim: put lid on crisis. Traverse City Record-Eagle. Production of Tattler lids began in January Stieg, who has a small machine shop on West Silver Lake Road, is beginning production today on a plastic canning lid he has invented.

The lid is different from the common metal type in that it can be re-used many times, the inventor said. Kroon said the lids are expensive compared to the metal kind, but reusable and the future should show whether the reusability makes up for the higher price. The lids are used with rubber rings, like regular metal lids, which can also be re-used if they are properly handled, he said. He has been developing the lid for nearly one year. Distribution is scheduled, for either the end of this month or the first two weeks of February — Stieg is figuring on the first part of next month. Used with a separate rubber ring, which is also reusable, the plastic Tattler lid offers a solution for the home canner faced with recurring shortages of lids.

The new lid went on sale in local stores March 12 to coincide with its introduction at the home show. Shipments to stores throughout Michigan commenced March 15, to be followed by shipments to stores in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The Tattler lid is higher in price than the single use metal lids. But visitors to the home show, as judged by their comments, according to Steig, were nearly unanimous that the reusable qualities of the Tattler lids and rings were well worth the initial investment.

Page Between the s and the s, not many people heard about Tattler lids, as they were a very small company without the capacity to promote their product broadly. With the advent of the Internet, they were able to start generating better publicity about their product. Keeping the original branch of the company in Reed City, Michigan, he also set up a second branch for manufacturing in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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  • In that year, they sold four times more than they had hoped for, and in , sales quadrupled again. In , Tattler lids were introduced nationally into Canada through the Canadian Tire store chain, which had the Tattler box translated into bilingual French and English for the Canadian market. In , Tattler centralized its operations back in Michigan. Brad went off to pursue other ventures, and Loren stepped back in as President and CEO of the company.

    August McIntyre, Erin. Castle, Phil. Link valid as of May Peterson, Sharon. Launch of new design of Tattler lids. We really only recommend our shop site or approved vendors. We do not sell to Amazon sellers… We only stand behind what we sell or our approved vendors sell. Facebook conversation in PM. July Tattler does not currently approve of Tattler lids being sold via Amazon. If you buy them via Amazon, Tattler is clear that you are buying them from Amazon at your own risk. Or, even used lids. If you are not certain if someone is an approved vendor, take a minute to ask first on the Tattler Facebook page.

    Note: Canadian Tire did sell the classic Tattlers for a while, and had the boxes made bilingual for Canada, but stopped carrying them as of for unknown reasons. Note: if you do look on Amazon, disregard any mention of jar capacity e. That is a confused seller. Gosh…Thanks for the in-depth post! I sure learned a lot about Tattlers!

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    I love them for pressure canning! Thanks Again Patti. They are not fake lids, they are exactly the same, from the original molds, but they are being produced by Tattler Home Produts, also located in Reed City, Michigan. The reason is for this is the son sold out of the company several years ago. You'll have to install the feet. Plus it comes with a cover and two accent pillows. Sales tax is charged in some states. Choose from multiple styles, including the pictured Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt in 22 colors and these Microfleece Pants in four colors.

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