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It is a grain-free formula suitable for dogs who have grain sensitivities and it is full of great-tasting flavor. The first ingredient in this recipe is fresh chicken which is a valuable source of animal protein. Not only is chicken rich in protein, but it is a complete source of protein which means that it contains all of the essential amino acids your dog needs. This helps to make up for the volume lost in the fresh chicken but because this ingredient falls behind a number of carbohydrates it is difficult to tell how much protein it actually contributes.

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Potatoes and yellow peas are digestible sources of carbohydrate for your dog and they are naturally gluten-free and grain-free. The potato starch, dried beet pulp, and powered cellulose as well as the flaxseed, to some degree act as supplementary sources of dietary fiber in this recipe. You should also note the inclusion of pea protein which is not a carbohydrate — it adds plants based protein to the recipe which is fairly troubling considering how high it appears on the list. The remaining ingredients in this recipe consist of fats, fruits and vegetables, flavors, and supplements.

The main source of fat in this recipe is chicken fat, a highly nutritious ingredient that is also a concentrated source of energy. This recipe also contains soybean oil and pork fat which help to balance the omega fatty acid content. The fresh fruits and vegetables used in this recipe add some supplementary fiber, but they are largely included as natural sources for key vitamins and minerals.

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What nutrients these ingredients do not provide are included in supplement form at the end of the list. The recipe starts off strong with fresh chicken as the main ingredient and primary source of protein, but much of that volume will be lost during cooking. The first supplementary source of protein is plant-based and the only other animal-based proteins come after several carbohydrates. This recipe contains some lower quality fats, though it does include a number of fresh fruits and vegetables as natural nutrient sources. This formula does not, however, contain any chelated minerals or probiotics.

This recipe features high-quality protein to promote lean muscle mass and it contains a precise blend of nutrients for healthy weight maintenance. It is also easily digestible and full of natural flavor. The first ingredient in this recipe is water, followed by chicken and beef. Both chicken and beef are valuable ingredients in this recipe because they are fresh meats. Fresh meats like this are also complete proteins which means that they contain all of the amino acids your dog needs.

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This recipe includes supplementary proteins as well in the form of beef by-products and pork liver. It is difficult to judge the quality of the beef by-products but the pork liver is a valuable source of protein, fat, nutrients, and flavor. The one source of protein that could be omitted from this recipe is the corn gluten meal — this is a plant-based protein that offers little nutritional value and has a high risk for triggering food allergies. Aside from the fat content of the fresh meats and pork liver, the main source of fat in this recipe is soybean oil is considered less nutritious than any animal fat and, as a soy product, it comes with a risk for food allergies as well.

The carbohydrates used in this recipe consist largely of gluten-containing grains and corn products, both of which can be difficult for dogs to digest and which may trigger sensitivities. It is also worth noting that none of the mineral supplements are chelated and there are no probiotics listed. Where this recipe goes downhill is in the use of by-products, corn products, and artificial flavors and colors. Where is the appreciation as a valued customer?? I just bought a case of canned food.

Is there a problem with this food? Please let me know how I can tell if her food is affected.

Hi Milie I bought several of this food as well as my fox terrier had liver problems. Thank you so much for providing this option for my dog But the price Our dog goes crazy over it every day, which he has never done before for any food. He's a little boston terrier who is gassy and frequently vomits in the middle of the night from upset belly. We tried several different types of food before we settled on this per vet recommendation.

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  • Our little guy is now 5 night vomit free and that is saying something! We are on a tight budget at the moment which makes the price a little frustrating since we eats like a cow. Asked by: Tolya95 Thank you for your question. We hope this helps. Asked by: Renee23 Thank you for your question. We understand the questions that you have, but we are sure that you also understand that each case is different and for that reason it is very important to talk to your veterinarian.

    The last thing that we want to do is answer your question incorrectly. The product that will work best for your pet depends upon his or her individual circumstances and is something that your veterinarian will have to help you to determine. Your veterinarian would be able to contact our Veterinary Consultation Services to speak with our team of experts regarding specific questions about your pet's condition and to get a food recommendation.

    It's a free service to them and they are available from CST. Answered by: Hill's Pet Nutrition Date published: how many lbs on bag? Asked by: Ernie11 Thank you for your question.

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    Vet and I disagree about the cause of the allergies. I think it's environmental Your veterinarian would be able to contact our Veterinary Consultation Services to speak with our team of experts regarding specific questions. We would suggest contacting PetSmart customer service for this information. Or, can we purchase it directly from your website without vet approval?

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    Asked by: Preetha Hi Preetha! Please get in contact with Petsmart regarding their specific distribution policy. They will be able to better assist you. Hope this helps! Variations 1. Select Size. This item is not available for in-store pickup. Check store availability.

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    • Rated 5 out of 5 by Kimmi from This food saved my dogs life! Rated 5 out of 5 by LIsaMicheleJackson from Bad allergies Hi, nothing seemed to work for what we think are protein allergies in my Giant Schnauzer dog. What is the main protein source for this food? Thank you for your question. My 4 year old boxer just started this food. Answered by: Hill's Pet Nutrition. Yes there is Do you deliver international countries?