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Looking after our own bodies is not just a cost effective and sustainable approach to health care, but a responsibility we have to ourselves and our loved ones.

Sun Exposure and Vitamin D

After all,. Prevent inflammation by doing all the above, ensuring good quality sleep, exercise, sunshine, and love and laughter. Adopt strategies that encourage fat burning, which is highly protective against too low blood sugar levels. The results are published here in the journal BMC Medicine. The BMA has also called for the rigid minute timetables to be replaced with a more a flexible system enabling doctors to spend more time with patients with more complex needs.

Being a carer is very stressful and very tiring. But there is no denying that it can sometimes feel as though we are labouring under an intolerable burden. In an ideal world, as our relatives or close friends grow steadily more frail, plans would be made for the future, money saved for contingencies, moves made to more manageable accommodation, and help enlisted in advance.

In the real world, people fall ill suddenly, accidents happen and the role of carer is suddenly ours without planning or forethought. It is very worthwhile at this stage to get the whole family together and agree co-operation with everyone involved. Lack of communication and co-operation may turn out to be the biggest underlying problem.

Group meetings early on will help avoid resentment or guilt developing. Make use of personal strengths here. For example, someone who is not good at practical personal care may instead be able to manage the financial affairs. Someone who enjoys cooking may agree to keep the freezer stocked with ready meals whilst someone who is only free once a week might organise the shopping.

What if you are the only family member? You should not try to take on everything alone. There may well be neighbours or friends of your relative who will help in the same way that family do. Otherwise you will have to turn to professional help. There is no need to feel guilt over this. Also investigate local clubs and organisations to which the person you care for belongs. Local and national charities can also be sources of help. You may not realise that, if you are a carer, you can ask the local authority for an assessment of your own needs.

The kind of help and support you can get as a carer includes: respite care to give you a break if you are caring constantly for your relative; emotional support from other carers, usually through a local support group; help with caring; and help with household tasks and activities for the person you care for. As a carer, it is very important that you look after your own physical and mental health. You should never neglect your own health issues because if you are ill the person you are caring for will suffer as well since you will be unable to give the level of care you would wish to.

You should take care of yourself physically by eating properly and taking exercise, but you should also build in some sensible respite. For example, pay for a professional carer once or twice a week. A friend, neighbour or other family member could do this, or even some local charities may provide this service. There are several organisations aimed at supporting carers. Make use of all the resources you can to help you and the person you care for.

Read books, check magazine articles, ask at the library, search the internet. Buy or arrange provision of any equipment that will make life easier. Above all, ask what is available. Especially ask your district nursing team. They have access to a lot of information and contacts. It can be difficult, but try not to allow yourself to feel constantly guilty. Those who we care for do not always show their appreciation, and indeed in some cases, they may be unable to do so. Try always to assure yourself that you are doing the best you can.

At this point it occurs to many carers to think about their own future.

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It is a very good time to make plans whilst you are caring for another because the difficulties and limitations of frail old age will be clearly before you as well, perhaps, as the compensations. So, this could be an ideal time to think about your pension and will. You can feel secure in that you have made all the plans you possibly can. Dr Megan Arroll and Professor Christine Dancey have combined their extensive knowledge to provide a helpful guide for supporting friends and family members with IBS.

There are many conditions where people look fine, even very well, but they are in fact in a great deal of discomfort and pain. It can be hard when you are suffering from the symptoms but look fine on the outside. Try to remember when you last had a headache. You probably looked fine on the outside, despite being in pain.

Now imagine feeling like this constantly. Not only does suffering an invisible illness make you feel physically awful, but people with IBS often face a lack of support from those close to them. Work and social situations can also be challenging; without outward signs of ill-health, someone with IBS can feel very isolated.

People with IBS often find it very hard to acknowledge their condition and to discuss it with others due to the embarrassing nature of the symptoms. Additionally, IBS can attract stigma as it is a complex condition and there are no scans, investigations, or blood tests which can show that a person has IBS. It is a multi-faceted condition and we are only just learning about the physiological processes underlying it.

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All it means is that your friend, sibling or workmate who has IBS is trying to put their brave face on. IBS can take a long time to diagnose and is often misdiagnosed. Both the struggle for a diagnosis and the feeling of frustration engendered by being misdiagnosed can be difficult, and this is on top of feeling unwell. While it can be tricky for friends and family members to offer the right help and support to someone with IBS, here are a few simple rules to help make living with IBS a little less irritable. Never question the existence of IBS, even if your friend looks and seems well.

Be patient with the process of diagnosis and finding an effective treatment — it can take time. Try not to be over protective or treat the person with IBS as if they are fragile. Be willing to find IBS-friendly activities which are of interest to both of you. Offer practical support, such as help with the children, shopping, housework, gardening, etc. If IBS is affecting your sexual relationship or damaging your relationship overall, seek external and professional support.

Overall, simply being there and accepting that the person with IBS is trying their best to overcome this misunderstood condition will be an invaluable support. Support, whether emotional or practical, can limit the likelihood of depression and isolation, factors which we know are detrimental to us all.

It can be frustrating and take quite some time to discover if certain foods are affecting your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Some dietary changes may work for one person but not another. Below we outline the safest foods for IBS sufferers, and the foods you should avoid — those that have the most chance of aggravating your IBS symptoms.

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